Greenpave, an advanced new warm asphalt mix, is a climate sensitive alternative to traditional hot mix asphalt. Citywide Asphalt Group is proud to deliver a product to the Victorian market that is safer and has significantly less environmental impact than standard asphalt mixes.

Welcome to the new generation of asphalt manufacturing

Our advanced manufacturing process produces asphalt with properties equal to traditional hot mix asphalt, while offering significant add on benefits. The conventional hot mix asphalt process uses one grade of bitumen at approximately 170°C. Greenpave uses two binders at significantly lower temperatures (~110°C). Combined application of the binders results in bitumen with the same performance as standard hot mix.

Safety benefits for workers and the community

A reduction in production temperatures and fumes deliver immediate safety benefits to workers and surrounding community stakeholders.


Unlike regular hot mix asphalt, which is susceptible to weather conditions, Greenpave offers greater workability and therefore a longer construction season. It is subject to less oxidative hardening of binder leading to better fatigue performance over time. Greenpave asphalt can be paved in thicker layers than regular hot mix asphalt offering greater productivity, operational savings and a rapid return to traffic.

Experience first-hand the benefits of low temperature, low emission and durable asphalt. Contact Citywide Asphalt Group to arrange a tour of our production facility and experience Greenpave.


Our new Laverton facility represents a major expansion of the Citywide Asphalt Group’s North Melbourne asphalt production business, which has served many municipal, commercial and community interests across the metropolitan Melbourne region for over 12 years.

Operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Laverton is well positioned to deliver innovative asphalt products to be used in building sustainable communities and infrastructure in this significant growth region of Victoria.

With an increased focus on sustainability through smarter use of reclaimed asphalt and other recycled products and powered by 100% renewable energy, Citywide Asphalt enables you to meet your sustainability targets.

North Melbourne

Since 2007, our North Melbourne plant has been providing customers throughout metro Melbourne with all their asphalt requirements.

Owing to our convenient location in proximity to Melbourne CBD, civil infrastructure companies, councils and contractors benefitfrom quick and easy access to low emission, high quality, market-ready asphalt products for all their roads and infrastructure requirements.

Incorporating leading edge technology developed by German industrial company Benninghoven, the North Melbourne plant was the first of its kind in Australia, and is capable of producing some of the greenest asphalt in the world.

Quality & industry standards

The NATA qualified lab onsite at Citywide North Melbourne Asphalt ensures that our asphalt products meet the rigorous demands of city roads and pavements. Whether you need asphalt for major roads, suburban streets, car parks, subdivisions, footpaths, driveways or repair and patching to existing asphalt pavements, Citywide North Melbourne Asphalt has products to suit your needs.

  • VicRoads approved mix designs
  • Hot mix asphalt
  • Warm mix asphalt
  • Cold mix asphalt
  • Dense graded and open graded asphalts
  • Polymer modified asphalt
  • Asphalt including Recycled Asphalt Product (RAP)
  • GreenPave: low emission asphalt

The environmental benefits of Citywide Asphalt Group products include:

  • Reducing dependence on raw materials such as aggregates / bitumen (resource conservation);
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the manufacture of the asphalt;
  • Dramatic reduction in the utilisation of landfill;
  • Reduction in energy consumption;
  • Assisting Local Government to achieve their net emission targets;
  • Consistent products that comply with VicRoads asphalt requirements and standards;
  • Allows for the creation of carbon neutral roads;
  • Guaranteeing quality and consistency of product through the technology deployed in the upgraded batching plant;
  • Utilises internationally proven technology to benefit Australian roads and communities.

To calculate your emissions, we recommend using the NAPA's Greenhouse Gas Calculator which calculates greenhouse gas emissions related to asphalt pavement manufacturing based on a gate-to-gate analysis.


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